Ready to Write a Better Book?

Our mission is to create a place for accomplished writers to delve into craft and an environment where a variety of voices can explore and learn together. Since 2013, once a year we gather to focus intensively in a small, interactive workshop facilitated by editors and agents. We will share three-and-a-half invigorating days exploring elements of our craft at locations near San Francisco.

Announcing the Fifth Annual Better Books Craft-Based Workshop

for Middle-Grade & YA Writers

October 12 to 15, 2017

Vallombrosa Center, Menlo Park, California

The Better Books Workshop is limited to fewer than 25 seasoned writers and is designed to provide deep immersion in craft, discussion, and high-level critique. You need not be published, but we ask that you’ve completed at least one middle-grade or YA manuscript. Workshop fee includes food, lodging, informative sessions, and a written and oral critique of 25 pages. Faculty will be sent advance copies of manuscripts and then lead small group critique sessions on the first day. These groups will reconvene on Sunday to reflect and discuss plans for revision.