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Loved the critique group!
It was the first time I had really received new information on character. Previous workshops at conferences were very elementary. I loved the exercises!
Faculty were all so knowledgeable and generous. 
Appreciate how well run it was. Learned a lot.
Best conference I’ve been to!!
You packed much into the time span. You made use of every bit of it. Lots of quality time.
Great size! Great ratio of faculty to writers.

Loved the size – and the caliber of writers. We shared a love for craft and story – and it made friendships blossom. Loved the camaraderie.
For me, it was very refreshing not to be subjected to sessions on social media and doing a book deal. The workshop was billed as “Better Books,” and that’s just what it felt like–people were there to do. There were no distractions from that central theme.
Atmosphere, setting, structure, faculty, and helpers were all outstanding. I especially liked the way that you personalized the workshop with interesting name tags, centerpieces, snacks, etc…. It lent the whole experience a liveliness and character all its own.

(And it does get lively!)


Faculty and writers at Better Books 2016. Marconi Center, West Marin.